Marketing ROI: Starting the Conversation for 1:1 Executive Networking

Further below is the first perspective piece, in this case on the topic of Marketing ROI, to support the launch of Introductions, a new service for marketing executives.

CMA is pleased to expand the CMA Café, presented by Mastercard, which has engaged over 300 marketing leaders at nearly 30 in-person, small group conversations called “Office Hours” in 2019.  These live sessions are hosted by seasoned marketing leaders and focused on a specific topic, such as keeping up with the changing landscape of marketing or the role of the collaborative CMO.  This program continues in 2020 and is complimentary for CMA Corporate Members only, Director-level and above.  

We’re excited to announce today an extension to the CMA Café, presented by Mastercard program, called “Introductions.”  This is a new, 1:1 executive networking platform where you can connect with Canadian marketing leaders based on interest-matched members.  When you complete your Café profile and opt in to Introductions, you may share what you have to offer and what topics you’d like to connect on with others.  The platform will then suggest matches for you every two months (starting in early March) that are relevant to you and the member you are matched with.  You can then plan a time to meet to go for a coffee and connect to expand your network in 2020.  Here is your first proposed topic of conversation: 

Marketing ROI:  Finding the Right Balance

When it comes to most things in life, success comes from getting the balance right. The same needs to be said for measuring the return on investment (ROI) for marketing dollars.  Campaigns that used to be measured holistically over time, are now being dissected into minute test and control cells that are being optimized at alarmingly frequent rates. Could it be that marketers are missing a piece of the bigger picture?

Now I’m not naïve. I know why these measurement and optimization tools exist and that we are increasingly under pressure to show short-term gains. What I’m advocating is getting the balance right and not forgetting about the long-term at the expense of short-term results. In the long run, equity building will do more for a brand than short-term sales lifts.

The proof that supports this is empirical and for some, self-evident. We can all remember campaigns from years ago that continue to shape our image of brands to this day. The challenge with the long view is how hard it is to measure and who gets credit for their success. Companies need to view it like a trust fund that is created for the brand. It takes a team with vision to plant these seeds and allows them to mature. And it takes faith and patience beyond the next click to reap the rewards.

- Anik Karimjee, CMRP is the Principal of Rank Research Group and is a dedicated member of the CMA Insights Council

What do you think?  Please sign up, opt-in, set your preferences and watch for your matches coming soon for your 1:1 executive networking.

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