CMA National Convention round-up

Another CMA National Convention wrapped this week. And after two jam-packed days of big idea collecting, I'm still trying to digest and distill all those sparkly bits of genius. As always, this is a round-up of some of the nuggets that jumped out, inspired Twitter chatter and otherwise made a room of people stop to be quiet.

Malcolm Gladwell told us the story of little-known Malcolm MacLean, the man behind the modern-day shipping container. Gladwell argues that without MacLean, there would be no globalization as we know it; there would be no trade with China. But the key to MacLean's great success, however unrecognized he may be, was his disagreeable disposition. In the face of hostility and disapproval, MacLean persevered. He had courage. He had imagination. And he had urgency. That, says Gladwell, can change the world. And it did.

@marsinnovation: "People who reinvent the world almost always have disagreeableness at their core. They don't need approval to act." ~ @Gladwell #TheartOf

Bestselling author Nilofer Merchant reminds us that we are all unique, that in every room there is only one of us. Each person's unique power, she says, lies in their ability to harness that reality as a way to manifest their true selves. On our journey to show up exactly as we are, Nilofer asks us to listen. Next time we ask a question, really wait for the answer. And then say, "tell me more".

@sandygerber: .@nilofer Claim your onlyness! Find the community like you, chase a purpose, make an impact in the world. #cmanc

Clive Thompson, Wired columnist and bestselling author of Smarter Than You Think, makes a case for tech. While many are discouraged by the way technology has changed the way in which we interact, Thompson argues that tech actually engages people more and suggests it may even elevate the conversation. He calls this the power of the collective 'p,' which he says can be credited with the building of even more complex video games than before. As gamers come together to share tips on beating the levels, game developers are forces back to the drawing board to build something even more challenging.

@osowired: Close friends are too informationally similar so we must rely on weak ties (ie twitter followers) to spread new ideas -@pomeranian99 #CMANC.

One of the resounding themes this year was speed and urgency. But none said it quite like Marc Ecko. He encourages people to find authenticity through the pursuit of their inner artist. For many of us, he says, that inner artist was muffled long ago because we're socialized to associate artists and creators with people who poses a divine power. But according to Ecko, this idea is simply not true. We are our most authentic selves when we embrace ourselves as creators. There's no time like today to get started and launch our true selves.

@analyticeye: Don't shave your edges if you're square. It's cool & you'll feel better. @marcecko #theartof

On behalf of the CMA, THANK YOU to all our sponsors, volunteers, tweeters, speakers and The Art of Marketing.

To review the Twitter chatter, check out #cmanc and #theartof; you'll be busy for days!

See you at #MobileDay14 on June 9 --

Anna Duckworth

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