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Chartered Marketer Program

Commit to your professional growth, manage your skill development and invest in your marketing career with an applied, current, and technology-driven curriculum launching October 2018.


Senior Marketer Path

Senior marketers with over 10 years of experience have until December 2018 to apply for the Chartered Marketer (CM) designation ahead of the comprehensive program launch.




The Chartered Marketer (CM) Program Sets a New Standard for Professionalism

This two-year multi-disciplinary online program offers the most comprehensive marketing skills development offered in Canada. The program includes three Applied Marketing courses, an in-depth Elective and a Summit Project that brings all the learning together with soft skills training.

The Chartered Marketer (CM) program draws upon the expertise of many of Canada’s leading marketers and was designed as an integrated and immersive program for those looking to take the next step in their marketing career.

CM Program Timeline

View the current list of CM designation holders.

Program Overview


The Chartered Marketer program will launch in October 2018 with a mandatory prep course and exam. The prep course is intended to level set knowledge of incoming students and will then be followed by three, 12-week courses of core curriculum. In the fourth semester, students will choose from 7 elective offerings. The final course will be a Summit/Case Study course which will include an individual and a group assignment component. In all, 12 separate courses will make up the integrated program. Students will need to complete the preparatory course, the three core courses, at least one elective and the summit course to complete the program.

Documents to Download

Prep Course

Prep Course & Entrance Exam

The Chartered Marketer Prep course is the mandatory first step to participation in CMA’s two-year Chartered Marketer program. The Prep course is a self-directed, move-at-your-own-pace course adapted from McGraw-Hill’s 2018, “Marketing” textbook. 

The course uses an electronic version of the textbook, with videos, interactive exercises, current case studies and examples to give learners a comprehensive overview of marketing today. This will place learners on equal footing as they move into the interactive, collaborative CM program. 


Core 1

Applied Marketing Core 1

  • Understanding the Customer (Insights, Data Science, Research)
  • Strategic Thinking for Marketers (Opportunity Sizing, Value Proposition Development, Market Planning)
  • Brand Strategy (Perception, Values, Voice & Positioning)

Core 2

Applied Marketing Core 2

  • Financial Management for Marketers (P&L, Margin Management, Pricing)
  • Measurement & Analytics (KPIs, Metrics in Digital & Traditional)
  • Effective Campaign Development

Core 3

Applied Marketing Core 3

  • Communications Planning (Messaging Hierarchies, User Experience, Formats)
  • Building Integrated Campaigns (Media & Content, Channel Selection, Optimization, Automation)
  • Marketing Technologies & Emerging Trends


Specialization Elective

Initial Electives will align with all CMA Councils:

  • Martech
  • B2B
  • Customer Experience
  • Not for Profit
  • Media
  • Customer Insight & Analytics
  • Brand Strategy

Summit Project

Summit Project/Case

  • Individual Assignment – will use specialization elective to determine case study brief topic & role in group
  • Group Assignment – a team response to immersive case study written and in presentation to “CMO/Sr. Exec” and grading panel
  • Soft skills; active listening, presentation skills, negotiating, etc.

Program Dates

Enrolment to the CM Program is now open. To secure your admission, students must meet the eligibility requirements, complete and submit the application form and successfully pass the Prep Course. Course dates are subject to change

  Prep Course  
  Fall 2018 Enrol between October 15 – November 26

* Last date of enrollment for participants wanting to start Applied Marketing Core 1 on January 21 is November 26 the exam would have to be completed by Jan 14

  Winter 2019 Enrol between Jan 21 – March 11

*Last date of enrollment for participants wanting to start Applied Marketing Core 1 on May 6 will be March 11 the exam would be completed by April 29

  Spring 2019 Enrol between May 6 – July 15

*last date of enrollment for participants wanting to start Applied Marketing Core 1 on Sept 9 will be July 15 the exam would be completed by September 2


  Applied Marketing Core 1   
  Winter 2019 January 21 – April 14

  Spring 2019 May 6 – July 28

  Fall 2019 September 9 – December 1


  Applied Marketing Core 2  
  Winter 2019 Not available

  Spring 2019 May 6 – July 28

  Fall 2019 September 9 – December 1


  Applied Marketing Core 3  
  Winter 2019 Not available

  Spring 2019 Not available

  Fall 2019

September 9 – December 1

How Will the CM Program Benefit My Career?

  • Deep-dive into the fundamentals to go beyond theory and tackle real-life marketing case studies
  • Manage your career path with accountability
  • Gain national recognition as a top marketing professional
  • Be a part of the CM community and continually invest in your skill development
  • Assert the value of marketing as a credible profession 

Am I Eligible?

To be eligible for entry into the CM program an individual must meet the following academic requirements: 

  • Graduation from an accredited Canadian university or college with a diploma or degree 
  • Completion of at least 1 marketing and 1 business course from an accredited Canadian university or college (includes courses from post-graduate studies and continuing education), or 
  • 2 marketing courses from an accredited Canadian university or college (includes courses from post-graduate studies and continuing education), or 
  • 2 CMA certificate courses

For more information, download the CM Program Info Sheet or Contact Us.

How Do I Apply?

To enroll in the Chartered Marketer Program:

  • Review the CM Program Info Sheet 
  • Download, complete, and save the CM Program Application Form 
  • Provide payment information for the non-refundable application fee ($200)
  • Request a copy of your official academic transcript for your degree/diploma (and prerequisite course credit, if not the same as degree/diploma in cases of continuing education)


Once you have submitted your application CMA will send you two confirmation emails – one when your application and fee are received and one when your transcript is received. The second email will provide details regarding the status of your application and next steps.

Interested in Learning More?

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For additional program information and any questions please contact:

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